One Room Challenge (ORC)

ORC Week 5: A Sneak Peek at The Club!

It’s week 5 of the One Room Challenge (check out the previous weeks 1, 2, 3 and 4) and we are in the final days!  I have a couple of small projects left to finish up for the big reveal including a faux fur, tufted leather bar…Yep I just said that.  But we are a good 95% of the way there and I am seriously loving this space already.

And given that I didn’t want to give too much away, I couldn’t help but share some sneak peek shots for ya so you can get a little taste of what’s coming up next week.

It’s for reals peeps.

Texture on texture on texture….


Oh tufted black leather bar, hey there.

How much luscious is in this shot?!  HUGE shoutout to Overstock for sponsoring and providing the incredible handmade coffee table, insanely cool sofa and the pixel rug.  All of which you see glimpses of in this shot.  These are all seriously epic pieces that really make the room and it wouldn’t be this awesome without them!  Just wait until you see them all together my friends.  Eeekkk!!!  Fun Fact:  The sofa inspired the entire space, you’ll see why when you see the whole shebang.

Thank you Overstock!!

 A lil mirror action perhaps?  Umm yeah, are you dying to see more yet?!  I am and I’ve been in it!  Hahaha


Of course I had to incorporate the ol’ Scrabble board.  There’s no way I was going to eliminate this puppy.  We play it a lot…and us girls always win. (shhh the boys have a hard time accepting it but it’s true : ) ) I had some fun styling underneath that bench and around this piece though!

I love me some animals and I stumbled on some really cool pieces.  This guy is just one of a few I have around, oh yeah.


Oooo what’s this?!  A new piece, not originally planned perhaps?  And yet extremely popular amongst the males in the house already (it’s been 2 days)

There is SO much more to show you!  I am waiting on the arrival of a couple of last minute pieces that are going to elevate this space to it’s final insane level before the reveal.  And of course I need to knock out just a couple more little DIY’s to really finish it up.

Stay tuned folks, this space is exactly as I envisioned.  A fun, cool, retro meets modern, ethnic and colorful space. It’s quintessential Eclectic Twist and I’m pretty stoked for you to see it!

And don’t forget to hit up the other guest participants, I love going through and seeing all of the incredible spaces come together.

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10 thoughts on “ORC Week 5: A Sneak Peek at The Club!”

  1. I’m totally excited!! Can’t wait to see…. and it looks like I see a swag light…(the same one I have) and have been wanting to see an inspiration pic…

    1. Thanks Emy! It’s been a whirlwind of a few weeks that’s for sure. haha I can’t wait to see your finished space either!

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