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Spring ’19 ORC…..In The Club!

That’s right it’s ORC time again!  (Check out my previous ORC’s here, here and here) If you are knew to the ORC, it’s a twice yearly design challenge.  We spend 6 weeks documenting and sharing our spaces with you from start to finish!  It’s to help you see how rooms come together, give you ideas and to just celebrate design.

I know I say this every round but this is going to be a really fun one.  It’s going to be awesome because I’m going all out my friends.  I know I know, I do that every time too.  But seriously, I’m doing a basement family room space,  the only room in the house I haven’t actually designed….ever.  So, I’m coming up with some serious, go for it ideas.

Here’s the plan:

You are lookin at my moodboard for this room.  I’m rippin out nasty carpet and doing DIY blue/green stained concrete floors, vintage pieces mixed with boho, plants, mirrors and some serious DIY abstract wall painting (painting in board from Pinterest but actual treatment total DIY comin at ya).  The abstract wall is going to be interesting, it could go VERY well or VERY wrong.

I’m intent on creating a super lounge-y chill hangout space for the whole fam but also for the kids and their friends.  They come down here and watch movies, play Wii, and just to get away from the parents.  As if I need to be gotten away from, psshawwww.

Here are the before shots:

This is your view to the right from the bottom of the stairs.  The only thing I did in here was paint, it was a terrible builder beige when we moved in.  I painted it the same gray as the main level and a deep purple-y gray on that one wall.  And can we take a sec to talk about that ridiculously big tv?  What is it about men and giant tvs?  My hubs picked that up on a Black Friday special a few years back and I have to figure out how to keep it in here, argh.


Most of this furniture was extra pieces we just threw down here to make it work.  My teen son LOVES that giant white chair, it fits his 6’2 frame nicely but it’s huge and takes up so much space.  So mama is selling most of it and yeah, he’s mad at me haha.


Recognize the rug?  It used to live upstairs in the main family room way back when. This is the view to the bottom of the stairs, (see the tiny bit of railing on the upper mid-left part of the shot?)  I am planning on keeping the giant Scrabble board because we have so much fun with it, I haven’t decided if I’m giving it an overhaul or not yet.


This is the other angle of the room, the bottom of the stairs is to the right and just past that is a small seating area for my teen. The closed door is a powder bath.  The Cinema sign (left) goes into a room where we watch movies (aka framed off some drywall and put up a projector)


Here’s that little teen nook.  I picked up that sofa for $25 at a local thrift store (see it here) and moved some things around to give him and his friends a small area to play x box.  The main area is usually taken over by the younger kids playing and watching tv.

 Here’s the plan again:

I still haven’t pinned down the other areas like the teen seating area and the opposite wall from the tv wall unit yet so this is going to be extra interesting.  I’m taking a more feel it as we go approach to this one.  I’ll def kep you updated as I make decisions and we progress but I am REALLY excited as to where this is headed!

Don’t forget to hit up the other guest participants!  So many fab peeps participate each round and I see new and familiar faces each time.  I highly recommend you click on through to check em out!

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8 thoughts on “Spring ’19 ORC…..In The Club!”

  1. Super excited to see what you do with this room! I’m new to your blog, but love your style, so this will be fun to watch – May even inspire me to makeover my own basement!!

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