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The Drape Swap……and What a Difference the Small Things Make!

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I’m always talking about the small changes making a big difference right?!  I am going to show you just how quick, easy and room changing something as simple as swapping out your drapes can be.

Remember when I did that spring round up post of things I’m loving?  (see that post here) Well I ordered those fab Opalhouse blush and orange drapes from that post for our master bedroom.  I have been wanting something different for drapes in here for years and I haven’t been able to find the right ones.  They were all either too expensive, too fancy, too boring or just too not right.  Until I spotted these lovelies.  I knew Opalhouse (Target) sold these in a teal and green verison (as seen in store) but I never looked them up online, alas I didn’t know they had a pink version.

Until I did the roundup post and was shoppin on Target.  Holla, those are my perfect drapes! I ordered em and they were on sale, even better.

Here is the difference they made in our room.

This is the before with the old deep charcoal grey velvet drapes. (ikea)

Here is the after, a 5 minute swap of the drapes and it so much brighter and fresh feeling.  Not to mention you they really draw the eye up to the ceiling height.

The grey just kind of blended in and felt dark.

Aren’t they so pretty in the background?  And they really tie into the bedding so beautifully. (This candle is from my fave artisan Flashpoint Candle company!!  Check out the link in the sidebar to see their full selection from giganto, like this one to little bittys.  They smell amazeballs. *Disclaimer, I work with them but I wouldn’t recommend them if I didn’t personally love them!)

Another before, the old drapes are there but don’t do anything for the space.  How embarrassing!

They just blend in, eewww.

These new drapes do a great job of filtering the light, so if you are a need pitch darkness sleeper like me, you might want to pick up a sleep/eye mask.  (I totes did and it’s got glitter!) But on the upside they really brighten up the room during the day so the trade off of using a sleep mask is minimal for the bright light I enjoy.

They contrast with the wood doors and the wall color while providing a lovely soft backdrop for the white bed frame!  It makes my eyes happy.

Here is our patio door.  You can really see the how the eye is drawn up with this shot.  I hung the rod just under the ceiling to maximize the feel of the height of the room.  **TIP you can/should do this in any room!  You don’t need super tall windows to pull it off, just make sure you buy the correct size of drapes to do a small puddle on the floor at that height and it will be stunning. You’ll be surprised at the difference!**

Check out that beautiful coral fringe detailed edging!  Ooo la la

Of course I layered pink on pink!  It looks beautiful right?! PS please forgive the patio umbrella photo bombing this shot, we finally put out our outdoor stuff! Yippee!

They just make the room feel fresher, brighter and taller! Even though I didn’t move the rods, they were always that height.  The drapes contrast with the green textured looking paint (read about that here!) and the little fringe detailing is just straight up fun.

The perfect drapes I was waiting for, le sigh.  What do you think?  Do you change up things like drapes?  I highly recommend, even just a simple change like swapping your drapes can completely change the feel of a space!

I always love to hear from ya so hit me up in the comments or shoot me an email!  And don’t forget to hit up the subscribe box in the sidebar we are hard at work on the epic “In the Club” ORC space! (Check out the plan here)




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