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**A word about affiliates and sponsored posts.**

An affiliate is a relationship between an individual and a business, typically an agreement where the company pays a small fee to the individual for any purchase of products that comes from that individual’s link or page.  It costs nothing for you the reader.  What it does do is help with fees and keep this blog up and running with lots of free info for you my lovely friends!!

While I don’t often agree to work with companies I will always clearly state in the posts if I have any affiliate links in it or not.  Does this change anything and what does that mean for you?  Nope and nothing! I only work/partner with companies that produce products I myself have purchased or would purchase and have in my own home.  And that I think will provide value to you.  I will never recommend something to you I don’t personally believe in.  Hence my very stringent policies on who I decide to partner up with.

Sponsored posts are posts where a company pays you to write a post about them or a review of their product.  I have the very same stringent policy in place as my affiliate policy.  I only accept sponsored posts with companies I am excited about, I will always be 100% honest in my opinions and experiences with these products/companies in a sponsored post just as I would in any other post.  Again I will clearly state if it is sponsored.

I want you to know that my credibility is of the utmost importance to me and anything you see on this blop-spot, is information you can trust.  I truly appreciate your readership and support and feel it’s important you know this!

As always any questions or if you wish to work with me on a collaboration hit me up at the email above! 😘