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ORC Week 2: In The Club with Stained Concrete Floors….Kinda

Woo it’s week 2 (see how I did that ; )) Well I was hoping to have a finished stained concrete basement floor to share with you today buuutttt things don’t always go as planned when you are transforming a space amiright?!  (Here’s a link to week 1 the plan)

Here’s the lowdown on the hoe down, ok I’ll stop now.  We spent 2-3 days just removing everything from the basement.  It’s amazing how much space things take up.  Plus so much of it was extremely heavy so I needed the help of my 2 burly men to move most of it.  (2 burly men would be my hubs and teen son)

A quick reminder of the before:

We removed all the furniture and put 90% of it up for sale.  It took 2-3 days to get it all out of the basement, yikes.

Here we are all cleaned out, the dogs don’t know what to think.


This carpet was so icky and old. I was glad just to start ripping it out!


The hubs decided that cutting the carpet into sections would make it easier for removal.  So he took a boxcutter and cut the main space into 4 sections.

We were able to roll up the sections simply and quickly, not to mention hauling it out was easier.  So this was a great idea!


Then it was time to pull up the tack strips.  This is a simple job using a crowbar.  It does leave divets in the concrete (where the nails were) but I knew that would happen from the Mom’s Oasis experience.


We started spraying a soap and water solution on the floor to prep for staining when we realized our concrete doesn’t look like normal concrete.  It was completely coated in texture and paint. (cue the incredibly sad face)

We did some research and discovered that using a floor buffer (with a scouring like pad) would help remove it.  We used water and the soap solution to help loosen the paint while the machine pulled it off the floor.


I followed with the wet/dry Ridgid vac (highly recommend this one! no ad just bought it and it worked perfectly) And vacuumed up the paint/water solution.

You can see the difference in the shot above.  The back portion was already scoured and cleaned (although we went back over it twice later)

And this shot is after 3 rounds of buffing, washing and vaccuuming.  We put around 7-8 hours into this step.  Which really sucked because we didn’t anticipate it. Argh.

It still looks like a white residue on the concrete but wiping it with a cloth, there is nothing.  Also we got as close to the outside trim as possible with the machine (even going back over the border itself with a full pass) and we were still left with paint.  We decided to just roll with it and see what happened.  Plus we had to return the machine to Home Depot rentals.

We went ahead and started staining using a rudimentary method of the teen holding a piece of cardboard while spraying the perimeter.  We just didn’t have enough material to cover all the walls of the space. (And we were very careful to spray straight down so nothing touched his hands)


After the perimeter was sprayed the hubs and I went back and sprayed the remaining space.  This is a shot of it freshly wet.  And I am crossing all my fingers and toes that it works.  We put so much work into trying to remove the junk on top of the concrete, if the stain doesn’t take…..well that would be a massive bummer.


Stay tuned to next week to see what happens!  (We are currently waiting for this to dry and see what we are dealing with, so it will be a surprise for me too!)  Who knows, maybe it will be completely different!  Haha, cry cry, yikes.

I always love to hear from ya so hit me up in the comments or shoot me a message, do you have any experience with paint covered concrete you then attempted to stain?

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Oh and definitely make sure you check out the other amazing ORC guest participants! Some seriously fun projects going on!!



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6 thoughts on “ORC Week 2: In The Club with Stained Concrete Floors….Kinda”

  1. Hi Tina. I loved the basement before but I am excited to follow along to see how you transform it. I really do hope the stain works for you. BTW, I was just pining after that huge scrabble board yesterday but the price hit me really hard :). Best of luck completing your makeover.

    1. Hi Delia! Thank you, I think the stain is going to work and I can’t wait to share! We snagged ours years ago at a local RH Outlet on double clearance (it was missing a couple of letters). We love playing it together so I’m planning on keeping it in here somewhere. : )

  2. I hope it worked out for you okay! My basement floor is a mess and has paint all over it. We’ve talked about stripping it so we can stain it, but I don’t know if it would even work.

    Anyways, the floor is looking lovely so far!

    1. Thanks girl! I’m posting the update on this bad boy and it totally did work, it was a total nightmare to get the texture/paint off but SO worth it!

    1. Right?! It used to be one burly man (hubs) and me haha. We got it done back then but it’s definitely much easier and nicer to have a giant teen son who can take over for me! Thanks Jewel I so appreciate the support! xxx

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