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ORC Week 6: In The Club Reveal!

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It’s been a crazy 6 weeks my friends and now I get to show you why it was all worth it.  The One Room Challenge is a 6 week challenge to completely make over a space and share the progress along the way. (See the previous 5 weeks of this one…1, 2, 3, 4, 5)  This is my 4th ORC and I tell ya, it doesn’t get any easier haha.  (Check out the others… Mom’s Oasis, Schoolroom, Office)

I left you with some sneak peeks last week and it’s time to see the big kahuna.  But first a little intro into the entire idea behind this space. This is our family room in the basement.  It was a room of no design, just furniture thrown in and callin it a day.  It serves as a hang out space for our kids and their friends, the fam when we have game nights (holla Scrabble!) and wild MarioKart tourneys.

I decided it was high time I gave this room the fun and chill vibe it needed to reflect the use of the room.  I envisioned a cool, mid century  meets modern, with boho and ethnic touches space.  So basically a bit of everything!

Here’s the room before…

And the same view now..

The gap wall panels really make a statement without being overpowering. (See how we did those and get a discount code here) The Prism Chandeliers from Sazerac Stitches are absolutely the most perfect stunning element.  I want to say a huge thank you to them for providing these stunners.  We have them both on dimmers so we can adjust the lighting accordingly depending on what we’re doing.  I can’t say enough about how much I love these.  How many heart eyes is too many?

I didn’t have a bar area in the original plan but when I stumbled across this vintage set at a thrift store, I immediately had to have it in here.  The kids love being “bartenders” and it’s a great place to have snacks available for the kids when they have friends over.  We would like to add a tap or 2 for sparkling water, to make it extra fun.

I mentioned in a previous post, having a faux fur and tufted bar…I wasn’t lyin!  I took 2 of the faux fur throws I used on our old dining chairs and cut them to fit the sides (which were laminated “wood”), a bit of spray adhesive…done.  It adds another level of fun and texture.

Who wants to come and hang out? This whole space was designed with this sofa as the inspiration.  This is the Divani Casa Dubai Sectional sofa from Overstock and folks, all the breath catching love. It’s 5 pieces in total and you can configure it in a number of ways.  My kids LOVE this piece.  My 2 youngest love laying on cushions while watching tv anyway so the ottomans are absolutely perfect! And my 6’3 teen lounges in the corner.  It’s insanely comfortable, not to mention boho awesome.

Ooohh hey there gorgeous handmade coffee table!  Another stunning piece from Overstock this is the Marrakesh Coffee Table by Guildmaster.  It’s solid wood with the most beautiful design and a gorgeous orange-y red color.  As you can see in the shot below the arches are actually leaning inward from the outside perimeter of the base.  I can’t say enough about the craftsmanship.

Here’s a sneaky shot of what’s happening behind the sectional.  My vintage elephant side table is hanging out with some plant, textile and art action!  Given that I went with all white walls, mama had to add some serious color.

Another sectional shot, because why not. : )  I had to mention the crazy fab rug!  The bold graphic pattern offsets the solid colors of the sectional and table.  This is another Overstock piece called the Pixel Trellis Rug.  Friends, I can’t say enough good things about Overstock, they have some insanely cool items from all over the world.  I absolutely recommend giving them a look-see the next time you are looking for something for your home. They were gracious enough to sponsor these items for this project and they were incredibly awesome to work with.  They helped me out when I had a shipping issue and confirmed satisfaction on every piece.

You know I had to keep the Scrabble board from the before space right?! We play this all the time (as evidenced by the fact that I couldn’t find the c’s, argh) and have so much fun with it.  I just moved it to the space behind the sofa and it works so nicely here!  Easy to access for the little ones and doesn’t impede the walkway at all.

Looking back toward the base of the stairs I have my vintage store cabinet with some goodies from all over.

There is an art print from a small artist, a Mexican puppet we brought back for our kids from vacay a few years ago, an African mask from a local couple who brought it back from their travels…..and yes an arcade game!  That was another recent addition when we spotted it at Costco and the males in our home (of which there are many) HAD to have it.  So mama found a spot haha.  They are already racking up top scores!

A bit of mirror reflection action…mmm I just wanna sit my rear here and chill.  I think I should host a big ole party and have ya’ll over, what do you think?!

This is that weird nook opposite the sectional space to the left of the basement stairs.  Behind that door is a small powder bath.  I re-used pieces I already had with the addition of a couple (the vintage 5 arm light, the rug and the side table) and created a small x-box nook for my teen, who claimed his sibs cramp his gaming style in the main room.

I shared this rug in my things I’m loving for spring post!  I told ya, you would probably see it here somewhere. ; )  Seriously such a cool nook space.  My teen loves it by the way…pink and all.  I lied, minus the pink but I don’t care, the pink stays.

And the shot from the bottom of the stairs with creative leaning….I can’t get over how different this room is and how much I am SO in love with it.

My teen has already had a friend over and they slept down here… was a big hit.  If teen boys sign off and give the ok, not to mention bring up how comfy the sectional is I think it’s a success!

I have to again thank my insanely cool sponsors here.  Overstock, you guys are the bomb and have the coolest pieces!  Wall Art for these insane eye candy Gap panels.  And of course Sazerac Stitches for the incredible custom rainbow prism chandeliers that were the final piece of this crazy puzzle, ya’ll are so awesome!

What do you think?  Any big surprises you weren’t expecting?!  What’s your fave thing about the room?

I always love to hear from ya so hit me up with questions, comments, etc down below or shoot me an email!

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And I have to mention the other INCREDIBLE guest participants that worked their tails off to bring you a finished room today!  Make sure you hit up the ORC Guest Participants and the featured designers, to see all of the big transformations, I’m so proud of all of them!







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30 thoughts on “ORC Week 6: In The Club Reveal!”

  1. Well.. if I ever get going on all the things I love about this space, I’ll be here all day. Let me just say LOVE the color play and texture. That wall!!! Those chandies!! This room is just super cool. Congrats on a great ORC.

    1. Well! This is my first glimpse at this ORC scene and it makes sense that it’s yours first! You are the first kind response to me on here and that is significant!
      Tina! This room makes me smile from ear to ear- it is so flipping happy…. you just really dance with color!! And who would of ever thought you’d give a white wall a chance!! It’s amazing! The lights- ridiculous… but my fave is the room for your son! What a mom!!

      1. Suzi! Thank you so very much! You are the first one to mention the little “teen” room nook. It’s kind of a random and awkward space but we made it work and created something functional. Much love xoxox

  2. Tina, I love it!! So much fun color and pattern. I really love how you covered the ductwork and made it a cool feature. And that sofa is gorgeous! Great job!

    1. Yas! I hated those gigantic things hangin out of the ceiling so I had to do something to make them prettier haha. Thank you!

  3. TINA!!!!! I LOVE IT! The feature wall and fun lighting might be my favorite, but it’s seriously hard to pick! Great work my friend!

    1. Thank you so very much Jewel! The chandeliers are seriously something else, I get major heart eyes every time I look at them.

  4. Tina,

    This is sooooo sooooo fun! I don’t know where to start. Love the vintage bar, the scrabble game board the color play. Don’t be surprised if I show up one day just to hang out my friend. Enjoy that beautiful space!

  5. Wow, Tina! The space turned out amazing! Your home seems massive, do you live in a mansion? So cool you have so many different zones for activities on this floor. I’ve never seen a scrabble board like that before and now I need one!

    1. Lol Corinna, thank you! I wanted this to be a very functional but stylish space for us, and I think you could totally do a DIY scrabble board!!

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