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ORC Week 4: This Focal Wall is Full of Gaps!

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**This post contains sponsored content.  However all thoughts, opinions and experiences are my own.**

We’ve hit the 4th week of the One Room Challenge and this one was an accent wall full of gaps. You read that right, accents, 3D texture and a killer design called Gaps.

To check out what led up to this point pop on over to week 1, week 2 and week 3!

I was fortunate to have teamed up with Wall Art Decor to do the centerpiece for this space. They have many different patterns and designs to create a sculptural focal point for any room.  I highly recommend giving their site a peek for what is available!

I wanted to do something big here, it’s the main wall in the space and I’m a big fan of having a central focus.  Here is the wall before we did anything to it.  We left the tv wall mount up and I’ll explain why a little later.

I chose this crazy cool almost honeycomb like design called “Gaps” (you can find it here!  Use my code eclectictwist for an extra 10% off!).  You can put it up in several different ways but it gives this awesome mid century meets modern meets classic vibe.

These panels are made from the pulp of sugar canes which means it’s environmentally friendly, completely biodegradable and totally recycled.  It feels almost cardboard-like for lack of a better description.  It’s light, extremely easy to work with and it’s paintable so you can really have some fun with it.  I opted to stick with the original off white color for this particular project but I might paint it down the road, you never know!

You can see how thin it is, this made it really easy to cut with a utility knife.

Our first step, as per the instructions was to wash the wall and make sure any residue, dust, etc was washed off to give us a clean surface.  Our wall has a slight texture to it but it’s relatively smooth so we skipped sanding it.

Next up was figuring out how we wanted the design to lay on the wall.  We took some of the panels and laid them out on the floor to get a feel for what we were going to do.


Once we decided on the pattern, I climbed on the rolling scaffolding thing-y and the hubs put some Loctite all purpose adhesive on the panel.  He handed it up and I lined it up to the ceiling and wall.  Annnddd repeat!

We had a nice long line pretty quickly.  The ceiling is, of course, not straight so I stayed pretty tightly to the panel I did prior.  It kept the row nice and straight and lined up beautifully.  Our plan for the ceiling bit, to go back at the end and touch up with some paint!


We cruised right along until we got to the tv mount.  Since the design of the panels has a substantially raised 3D effect we needed to leave the mount attached to the wall and install the panels around it.  We took the next panel and marked where it would need to be cut, then measured how far into the panel the cut needed to go to fit it around the mount.

This is the initial marking we used to start figuring out cutting to fit around the mount.

 We used a pencil to mark our measurements on the back of the panel and a straight edge to make sure we had a clean straight line. Then simply use a utility knife to cut.


Here’s the final outcome around the mount, these panels were so slick to work with.

It’s starting to get dreamy….here’s the finished bulk of the wall using all full panels.  We opted to go from the upper left corner over and do all the rows.  We wanted to do as little cutting on the panels as possible, not just for ease of installation but because we had barely enough to do this whole wall with 5 skinny pieces of scrap left over.  It was tight.  We wanted as little room for error as possible.


Here is cutting to fill in along the side of the wall.  We just measured each section of every row as we went and cut to fit.  Luckily the bottom row size combined with the side wall size equaled one panel each.  Whew!

And the filled in wall!  Seriously whaattt?!  But we didn’t quit here, oh noooo.  I wanted a more seamless look so I went and bought a couple of tubes of Antique White caulk at Lowes.  It was the closest match to the panels original color.


And then spent the better part of a day caulking and cleaning each seam.  It wasn’t so bad, the farther I got into it the better I got at smoothing and cleaning the caulk.  We started at the bottom row and worked our way up.

This was pre-caulk but look at the dimension!

But oh boy was it worth it.  Here is the finished wall.  Complete with caulking the seams and the tv back in place.  We touched up edges with paint and badda bing ladies and gents I’m in love!  I think this is the perfect backdrop for my club inspired living area don’t you?!


This was an easy DIY that anyone can do!  You only need a utility knife, pencil and measuring tool (tape, etc), adhesive and caulk.  Then you are on your way to having a finished showstopper of a wall.  This would be perfect literally anywhere; a niche, small hallway or even a headboard wall.  We had so much fun doing this and my skeptical teen son…oh yeah he’s a huge fan now.

I want to give a big shoutout and thank you to Wall Art Decor for sponsoring this project and providing such a fantastic product.  I would most definitely use this again!  Maybe I will try another design and paint it a bold color next time….the wheels are already turning.  To see more of their designs and projects check out their site here.  And if you are interested in this fantastic design, it’s called Gaps and it can be purchased here.  (Make sure to use code eclectictwist to get an extra 10% off your order!)

Next up I’ve got some sneak peeks at the styling and furniture pieces before the final reveal.  Friends, I am stoked at how this is shaping up.

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And here is a link to all of my fellow guest participants to see how their spaces are coming along, there are some amazing projects happening!



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8 thoughts on “ORC Week 4: This Focal Wall is Full of Gaps!”

  1. Awesome….The Mister and I have looked at this wall covering a few times but only saw the manufacturers website. We were not REALLY sure how easy it would be to install AND look amazing in a real home. After reading and seeing your progress pictures-all in! Truth or dare now-how long after the ORC will you be painting it a beautiful bold color? Obviously love it!!! 😍😍😍😍

    1. Hi Toni! Haha we’ll see! Right now with some other elements that have major color factor still waiting to go in, it might be a little while before I paint it. But with me I never really know 😂 I really love this product, and I’m so glad this post answered some questions you had. Have fun with it!

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