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Emotion in Design + 3 Other Things I Think About When Designing a Space

“This space looks so happy!” “Full of so much personality” “Happiness and love live here” “Fun and bright” These are just some of the things I hear on a regular basis from you lovely peeps!  It makes me beyond happy to know that these emotions/feelings come through to you.

Design is about so much more than a “pretty space”.  It’s about creating the environment you want to BE in.  A space you want to spend time in, retreat too, enjoy with your family, inspire you to create, etc.

The first thing I think about when putting together a space is:

1. Who is using it the most?  Are we talking teens, younger kids, adults?

2. What is the space and how is it going to be used? Is it an office?  Bedroom?  Living room?

3. How do said people using the room want to feel in it?

4. Make it the most fun and creative space I can while covering bases 1, 2 and 3.

I/we thrive on color, outdoors, interesting pieces and textures.  It boosts my mood, my creativity level and my comfort level.  And our family feels at home here surrounded by these elements.  We walk through that front door and it feels like a hug.  I want you to feel that too!

Some easy ways to start are by sitting down and thinking about what you enjoy having around you.  Do you love mid century modern furniture?  Do you have lots of ethnic pieces?  Or check out Pinterest, what spaces can you really see yourself in?  What are you drawn too and can imagine hanging out and watching Netflix?

Now how about a couple of shots to show you some differences I’ve created and what the intention was behind them!

The master bedroom.  I did the full deep blue and green patina finish on all of the walls (see the full space here!) as I wanted something more cozy.  We have lots of natural light in this space and with light colored walls it was almost too bright.  So I went nature inspired deep colors.  The ceiling with the warm tones of the reclaimed wood add to the natural and cozy feel.

I lightened up the bedding to give it a spring-y fresh feel!  This is easy to swap out whenever the mood strikes.

Here’s a shot of the before with the lighter wall color.  It’s amazing the difference in just the wall color and swapping around some rugs, adding a throw and a few different pillows.

We lived with these light lavender walls for several years in fact.  I couldn’t make up my mind what it was I was going for in here so it feel to wayside.

The family room.  We spend the most time in here by far, the kitchen is just to the lower left of this shot.  It needs to have plenty of seating for the 6 of us.  It also needs to be welcoming and have some fresh and spring-y feels too, I swapped out rugs from before to lighten up the mood.

Check out my tips on layering rugs here!

Here’s what it looked like before.  Deeper and more saturated color in the rug, different art and different chairs.  The vibe feels much different right?

I still have this rug!  I plan to use it in another space very soon. ; )

This room is for our daughter who is a big creative like me.  She likes to write, craft and paint.  I wanted to give her a room that fostered that imagination and gave her a place to dream.

To see this full space go here!

And the before was absolutely lovely but it just didn’t fit her.  It acted more as a guest room and was designed with a bit more of a lean towards that purpose than for her enjoyment.  Now that she’s on the edge from tween to teen I had to change that.


How about a teen boy room?  This kid gave me very strict instructions to limit the color use to his jerseys and these high school lockers I scored at a thrift store years ago. (see the full space here)

He wanted a chill place that he could go and just decompress.

 This is our former dining room.  I LOVED it.  The table we built, the ghost chairs, the mural, the chandelier.  But mama needed an office.


I wanted a space that reflected my creative energy, that inspired me and made me feel comfortable and happy.

I kept the mural and the chandelier but the rest is much different! (see the full space here)

 Think about what you want to feel.  Do you want a calm zen space?  Do you want rustic and warm?  And then start to make decor decisions based on that.  One step at a time and you will soon have a beautiful room/home that feels exactly how it should, like it’s perfect for you.

What do you think?  Do you decorate your home with emotion front and center in your considerations?  Do you have a different approach?  I always love to hear from you so hit me up in the comments!

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