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Remembering Your Value & Where NOT to Look For It

It’s been all kinds of crazy and chaos the last few months, every day was a working day for me.  When you are working for yourself and totally enterpreneur-ing the shit out of your biz you lose sight of a few things.

We had scheduled a trip last year for the end of May, a week of just me and the hubs.  I could not be more grateful that we did this when we did it.  Some kind of awesome-sauce timing at work right there.  Anyway, it happened to be right at the end of the spring One Room Challenge and our boys room re-do.

I didn’t realize just how tired I was in every way until we went on that trip (with me sick of course).  I spent the entire week just doing nothing.  Resting, relaxing, eating, sleeping and reading.  It was glorious and it was necessary.  It allowed me to really clear my head and focus, instead of the constant static and alarm bells I was living with.

Here are some things that occurred to me:

We all know Instagram has been a hot biotch of a mess the last few months and it doesn’t look like that is going to change.  If growing was hard before, it’s gonna be even harder now so I want this to really be something you hear…..

DO NOT PLACE YOUR VALUE IN INSTAGRAM POPULARITY.  It’s a tough lesson and one I have struggled with myself over the last couple of years but this last week especially it just hit me straight up clear as day.

Exhibit A: I shared my One Room Challenge space, a room I was immensely proud of and worked my ass off to complete.  It did not do well on IG. You know what though, who cares?  It didn’t do well because it is different than the rest of my feed.  It’s bold, it’s white and it’s a different feel.  I’m not going to post things on IG because it’s what is expected. I wouldn’t be creating and continuing to grow personally and professionally as a designer if I did the same thing over and over.

ORC photo

Exhibit B:  I shared my boys bedroom makeover, another room I did simultaneously with the ORC.  I designed it for my little boys to reflect their personalities and their needs and wants.  Again, very happy with it and would make every decision the same.  Bombed on IG.  Ya’ll it’s disappointing for sure.  But it in no way discredits me as a designer or makes me less capable of offering up badass spaces on the blog, for design clients and crazy ass DIY projects or off the wall ideas.

My sweet boys in their new room

 I really think we fall into this trap of social media giving us our worth either as professionals or people, and that is so not what it’s about.  Know you are good, know you have something to offer and forget the rest.  It will come.  Keep reminding yourself over and over if need be.

I will keep posting the ORC club space because it’s cool as hell and I love it, so it will show up.  I don’t care if it gets 700 or 7000 likes, it’s gonna be seen.  I will keep showing my boys room, same reason as above. Don’t make decisions based on “what will do well on IG?”  Peeps IG is an unpredictable beast.

I so needed this..

 My Pinterest is crazy hot one minute, cold as ice another.  Viral pins, pins that don’t get seen by a single person cause who knows why.  That doesn’t mean I’m terrible or I suck, it just means Pinterest is fickle too.  Keep working at it, keep pinning, keep creating.  What else are you gonna do quit? That’s not an option babes.

My shop is in dire need of my attention, I have been so busy designing and working with businesses I haven’t had a single day to devote attention to it.  I have a whole boatload of seriously cool pieces I need to upload (coming soon I swear!) to the site as soon as I get a free minute. I dropped the ball there but I plan to pick it up and keep it in the juggling circle. I let it fall to the wayside and it’s something I am super excited and passionate about.

Vintage Oval Brass Coffee Table in The Shoppe

It’s about priorities and having them in the right order.  If you aren’t feeling good then your biz and everything associated will feel it.  Perspective is everything.

Which brings me to the last most important thing I really realized….I need to take care of myself too.  I’ve been so hyper focused on working, my family, feeling bad about not spending enough time with my kids, working some more, scheduling for IG, blogging, responding to emails, etc.  I forgot to take care of myself.  I was so physically, mentally, emotionally and creatively tired I was just dropping.

I think SO many of you out there can totally relate to this, we NEED to be better to ourselves, for ourselves.  And for our kids and our businesses/careers.  If we run on empty for too long we’ll be pushing our asses to the finish line instead of cruising right up to it at a nice 50 mph.

More of this too

 How about we all set aside some time each week?  I’ve been wanting to try out abstract painting for quite awhile, even bought the supplies to try it out….a month ago.  I will make time to set everything up and have fun with it.  I also LOVE reading and finished my first book in 2 years on this trip.  I’m going to make an effort to do that more too.

My husband snapped this shot of me contemplating…sneaky bugger

What kinds of things do you love doing that you don’t do enough?  I’d love to hear and what you plan to do about it!  Much love to you all and here’s to healthier happier versions of us.

Hit me up in the comments, I always love to hear your thoughts!

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2 thoughts on “Remembering Your Value & Where NOT to Look For It”

  1. Interesting read…I can’t see how those rooms bombed..(with over a thousand likes and all the wonderful comments) I been gave up trying to “grow” my exposure.. the numbers games annoy me.. I was shocked to have been found by a national magazine and was featured in there with a 12pg spread..(with my little numbers) so with all that said.. you’re right.. you post what you like.. and what makes you happy.. not what’s trending.. btw .. i loved the excitement of both rooms..

    1. Hi Jamala! IG numbers are relative: depending on account size, your usual content, engagement, posting time, etc. For me those didn’t do as well as my usual content. Especially given the amount of effort I put into marketing and promoting the spaces. I am thrilled with the way they came together and I wouldn’t be continuing to grow, personally or professionally, if I didn’t continue to explore ideas! At the end of the day the whole message is about casting aside the numbers from IG, staying authentic to yourself and continuing to do your thing. Which sounds like you are doing, so you go girl!

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