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Hip, Cool, Age-less…Boys Bedroom For Any Age!

I’ve been sharing the boys bedroom transformation and today is the big finished reveal post!  I am thrilled with the results but the boys….they LOVE it.  They have actually been keeping it clean…with no help….ya’ll that’s a miracle in itself.  If that doesn’t show how much they like their room I don’t know what does haha.

Check out the prior posts on how this space transformed here, here and here.

Now the fun part….the after pics!

Here’s the room before…

And after!  I scored the rug, still wrapped in plastic new, at a Goodwill!  It picks up on the fun blues in the mural and covers up some of the ugly carpet I hope to get rid of someday.

And the main the focal wall.

Going with such a bold mural let me have some serious fun with the bedding and drapes!

This epic wall mural is from my friends at Sweet Pea Wall Design. They have the most amazing designs, I put up this one and the fab mural on the Jewel Box bedroom ceiling.  Make sure to check em out if you are in the market for some peel and stick awesome-ness!

When you’ve got 2 little boys, 9 and 6, and one is all kinds of monkey meets ninja…you do your best to create a space that reflects his personality and his physical craziness. (check out how we did it here!) The door you see here is into the jack and jill bathroom.

For now I found this cute bean bag chair as a cushion, they just shift it to sit underneath the wall they are climbing.  We’re scoping out a few bigger cushions online to put here, safety first!

My American Ninja Warrior kid is begging for rings across the ceiling…what have I done yeeks.

Here’s the view from the corner by the tree; left is the closet and right is the entrance.  I wanted to keep it fairly simple for them.  They are your typical not fussy boys that just want a fun place to play and hang out.  The pendant hanging in the corner on the left?  It’s a vintage acrylic with milk glass globe swag light from the 70’s I found at a local flea market!

I’d like to put a couple of small pieces of art on that blank wall between the closet and entry…I’m thinking of having them color or paint something that I’ll frame in white frames and hang there!

Let’s talk about those beds!  This room is so clean thanks to them, true story.  I talked all about them here, but they have 4 HUGE drawers underneath each one with so much storage for their clothes they could get a whole new wardrobe!  (which they won’t because they only wear the same 3 shirts over and over again smh.  Moms I know you can relate!)

This mirror was a $10 Goodwill find and those trunks…both super cool, vintage, metal with brass details also found at thrift stores.  They hold all of their matchbox cars and books. (legos live in a giant bin in the closet, it’s scary)

Of course I went extra funky with the lime green drapes, I found those at Home Goods. The same green is in the mural as is the orange quilts (I picked those up at Target!) and the blues of the comforter sets and the deep blue accent pillows.  The comforter sets and the blue striped pillows were all from Home Goods too.

Here’s a before shot, a reminder of how different it looks!

And the 2 little boys that are enjoying this space!  The mural was the biggest sell, but they trusted me, not without skepticism though.  And they are SO happy, which makes me SO happy.

I think we can all agree, a bajillion times better.

 What do you think?  Did I surprise you with the lime green curtains?  They had been asking for a new room for awhile and I am beyond excited about how much they love it.  Like I mentioned earlier my 6 year old loved the mural, my 9 year old was a tough sell.  In the end he let me go for it and the minute he saw it going up he went “wow!”  And once all the pieces came together he said “mom, I love it.”

It doesn’t get much better than that.

Hit me up in the comments with questions or observations, I always love to hear from you!

And don’t forget to pop your info in the subscribe box in the sidebar…guys I’ve got so many big ideas, I don’t even know where I’m going next!


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