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Boys Bedroom…..Twin Storage Beds & Organic Non Toxic Mattresses!

Continuing our boys bedroom makeover (you can catch up on what’s gone down so far here) it’s time to bring in the most important pieces of furniture!

**This post contains sponsored content; however all opinions, thoughts and experiences are my own**

I knew I wanted to eliminate some of the furniture in this room, namely the massive dresser.  The boys LOVE to play legos and matchbox cars and those both get everywhere.  I wanted to open up the floor space for them and open it up visually for me. (truth)

That meant finding alternative housing for their clothing!  Enter the Rosemary Platform Storage Bed (K Series) from The Futon Shop.  These are made with sustainably harvested hardwood with the utmost attention to detail.  My husband and I were highly impressed with the quality as we put them together.

Each bed has 4 drawers and I opted for the footboard to give a seamless look.  These are such a fabulous classic style.  They will last the boys as they age and will never become outdated.

The drawers have rollers underneath them so they roll freely and independently from the frame.

A very pleasant surprise was the drawer size!  They are so deep that with only 4 underneath each bed, they not only made up for the 6 they each had in the dresser but there is TONS of extra room.  Previously, their drawers were overflowing (see first post in the bedroom redo!)

Fabulous deep drawers, I wish mine were like this. haha

And of course with new beds we paired them with new mattresses from The Futon Shop!  You guys know I am a big fan of anything environmentally friendly, non toxic and/or recycled.  This was one of the big reasons I was so excited to work them, not only are the frames sustainably harvested hardwoods but their mattresses…..

These puppies are made in the USA, non-toxic and anti microbial just to name a few of the benefits!  We went with the Eco Wool with Organic Wool Mattresses for both. Check out their site for a full list of all the awesome-ness associated with these.  They come rolled up (as in the pic above) and you just carefully cut the plastic until the mattress pops free.

On top of all of the environmentally and people friendly benefits, these are the most incredibly comfortable mattresses.  The tufting of the design makes them extra cushy.  My boys, who used to get up by 7 am, have been sleeping until 8:30!  They have never slept in so late consistently.

I won’t lie, I laid down on one and the hubs on the other and neither one of us wanted to get up. haha It kind of seems unfair they have better mattresses than we do.

Here are both beds and their mattresses ready for dressing and enjoyment!  I feel so good about putting things in here that aren’t chemically treated, made in the US and contain organic materials.

I highly recommend giving The Futon Shop a look-see if you are in the market for a new mattress or storage beds!  They have these beds in all sizes and a few other finishes.  And the mattress selection is stellar.

I’m thrilled with the bed frames storage capacity and the quality of both the frames and mattresses!

I want to give a big shoutout and thank you to The Futon Shop for sponsoring these for this project!  **All opinions and experiences are my own**

Have you considered a storage bed for your kiddos?  Have you ever heard of organic mattresses?

I always love to hear from you so hit me up in the comments!

And don’t forget to hit the subscribe box in the sidebar!  I’ve got the finished space coming up next, see this room dressed up and finished!


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