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Quick and Easy Entry Update

Our entry was so very blah.  All the honey wood from the door, the trim, the floor and the storage cabinet just wasn’t doin it for me.  I finally just got a wild hair and did a quick 30 minute update to it and then some swap-a-roos and now it feels brand new!

Here’s the before of the door.  So much honey brown wood, yeck.

I picked up this peel and stick wallpaper from Target for another project.  Alas, I had to do something so I just popped it open and started putting it on the door!  Bonus* I think I still have enough left over for the original project.  Yay!

We just measured the size of the insets, used a straight edge and cut the paper.

Here’s the top section done.  That was the most time consuming as it has a slight arch so we had to make adjustments for that.

And the finished product!  I did a quick re-styling of this space by stealing from other rooms in the house.  I’m still messing with it but here’s what we’ve got right now.

I snagged these (with a not seen here matching table) at a local thrift store for $25.  They are the perfect size to use here!

I kept the salvaged trim piece that was here prior, it just frames this spot so nicely.  And the pink mirror is the same too!

Here’s a close up of the finished door.  This paper is very forgiving to work with too!  If you get any creases it’s virtually undetectable given the pattern. And if I ever get sick of it….I can just peel it off.

A shot from above of the finished entry update. We put some of my plants in the center to give it a little extra oomph and there is still plenty of room to walk around them.

A quick and easy update to really give this space a pop.  It’s not permanent, didn’t take much time and was very little material.  Anyone can do this!

Have you ever used peel and stick wallpaper?  What are your favorites?  I always love to hear from you so hit me up in the comments below!

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