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2019 Summer Home Tour: An Eclectic Colorful Outdoor Living Space

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Woo summer tour time!  I am so excited to be participating in a fun summer home tour with 22 other bloggers.  This is a really fab group with eclectic styling and ideas galore so make sure you check em all out!  (links to all below)

I’m sharing my outdoor patio space today.  We live outside in the warmer months and here in Colorado that is usually anywhere from March to October. (depending on crazy weather)

So it’s really important that we have a fun space to hang out and enjoy.  I treat the outdoor areas the same as the indoor, I view them as living rooms.  You know that means loads of color, texture and life.  (Here’s a link to what it looked like last year)

Our main hang out area, is of course right next to the grill and dining space.

Our old Ikea Applaro sectional (see how we painted it here) got some freshening up!  A few new pillows courtesy of World Market’s epic outdoor sale and 2 tiled side tables (I coated in acrylic) that I found at Home Goods.

This is a fire table that we’ve had for years and always comes back. I love it’s rustic style and the round shape.

I love to use lots of plants out here, the more flowers and color the better!

Those chairs in the background are opposite the Ikea sectional.  I found them at a local thrift store and they bring in some added texture to the patio that balances out all of the color.

Here’s a fun overview of this side of the patio.  The sectional fits along the edge and the thrift chairs fill out the other side giving us plenty of seating for entertaining!

I layered lots of rugs out here too….I can’t help myself I love me some layers!

Next to this is the dining space with the grill and my massive wisteria (that has yet to bloom, it’s late this year).

There are only 4 seats but we just pull up outdoor stools to make 6 seats.  This is not a matching set, I found the table and chairs at different flea markets!

We love to make lots of lemonade and refreshing beverages in the summer.

Here I’ve mixed Crystal Light lemonade with La Croix lime and lemon sparkling waters with some fresh lemon slices!  The kids love it, it’s low sugar and it’s super refreshing.  Plus snacks because kids.

A lil shot to show you how these 2 spaces sit next to each other.

We LOVE to grill so we cook and eat out here a lot!

Farther down we have a new set, I scored this group at Home Goods on clearance this spring.  We like to play board games here.  The round table with the sectional has an uneven surface so this is the perfect spot for us to be able to spread everything out.

The orange stools are from World Market!

These are the stools we steal for the dining area when we need 2 more seats!

Some of the pillows are World Market and some are Joan fabrics from last year.

That mirror is a Home Goods find too!

I got this lilac tree for my birthday 2 years ago and it’s one of my favorite things.

It smells so good..

The beloved and fought over hanging chair.  No way was this going anywhere.  I’ve had it in the house, outside the house and everywhere in between.  (not sure what that means haha)

It’s the most comfortable seat and you can just sway.  Awww, who’s relaxed just thinking about it?!

Here’s a full shot all the way down….one end to the other.  We basically have just one long patio that I have divided into different sections for different uses.

Oh hey there pink everywhere.

And back to the beginning where we started!


This is literally where we live in the summer months, I just can’t get enough sunshine.  Unless it’s 90 plus then I hide in the AC until evening after enjoying early morning coffee.  Ya’ll the Colorado sun is HOT.

Do you like to decorate your outdoor spaces?  Do you have a fun patio or outdoor area you like to spend time in?  I always love to hear from ya so hit me up in the comments!

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14 thoughts on “2019 Summer Home Tour: An Eclectic Colorful Outdoor Living Space”

  1. Oh I love all the bright and tropical colors. What a great outdoor space to hang out and it feels like you are in the Caribbean. Love it

  2. Gosh Tina! I feel like you live in a mansion in the middle of paradise. Your home is gorgeous inside AND out! Love the multiple seating areas and that drink combo sounds like my kiddo’s new summer drink!

    1. Thanks Corinna! I’m the only colorful thing within 70 miles hahaha, so I go all out! And the lemonade/la croix mix goes SO fast here, I bet he will love it! xxx

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