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Fall 2018 ORC is HERE! The Sophisticated Whimsical Home Office

the sophisticated whimsical home office, fall one room challenge, home decor, interior design, office, mural

It has arrived! The fall 2018 one room challenge and I am SO excited!  I have been rolling around ideas for a few weeks and came up with a plan I couldn’t be more stoked to share with all ya’lls.  I’m not even gonna waste your precious time with idle chit chat but get right on down to bidness.

What room am I doing?  The dining room!  And it’s not going to be another dining room, no siree folks.  Mama needs an office, of her very own, stat.  As in yesterday or last week or last year.   You get the idea.  I did the schoolroom last fall (click here for how that came together!) and now that the kiddos have been enjoying their space I needed to invest some time and attention into a space for myself.

How about we start with what the space looks like now….

dining room, sophisticated whimsical home office, fall one room challenge, enchanted forest wall mural, anthropologie, ghost chairs, farmhouse table

Now I love my dining room, don’t get me wrong.  This was the first room and major wallpaper piece I did after we moved into this house and it has remained largely as you see it, with one minor swap of rugs last spring.  We built that table and I love the ghost chairs with the faux fur throws.  BUT, we use this space maybe twice a year.  It’s beautiful and I love walking by it but we are never in it.  And mama needs an office.

Alas, have no fear, I’m keeping that fab mural!  I have had it for so long I still adore it and the vibe it gives of living wild and free with no restrictions.  With that in mind what could I have come up with for this space?

Here’s the plan!

sophisticated whimsical home office, fall 2018 one room challenge, orc, home decor, interior design, office, dining room, office moodboard

I know what you’re thinking…..where is all the color?  Tina is synonymous with color!  And you would be absolutely right.  I’m going to tell ya right now, I’ve got it but it’s going to be more accents and highlights with bold graphics taking center stage this round.

I’m actually painting the walls…..gasp…….white.  I know I know, I am still questioning whether I’ve lost my mind.  I don’t do white but here’s the thing, staring at this mural I want it to still be the star.  The entire room is based off of it.  And I want to lighten it up from what it currently is.  So creamy white I’m rolling, although I reserve the right to change my mind. lol

And not only that but I’m going to be doing some textured brick wallpaper to frame that mural.   I also have an epic color and texture filled ceiling project!

Of course loads of diy and how too’s on a budget.  That live edge desk?  Yep, DIY!  Those black and glass barn doors?  DIY  And some serious thrift and vintage finds that will add lots of character.

Of course I have a large fam and homeschooling 3 kiddos makes a seating area of utmost importance and I can’t wait to share the pieces I found for that!

So if that doesn’t whet your appetite I don’t know what will! ; ) I am so looking forward to this transformation and having a place I can go and actually work without interruption will be a dream come true.

Don’t forget to hit up the other participants to see what they are up to this year!

Here’s to week 2 next week, I can’t wait to share how this all goes down. Hit up the subscribe box in the sidebar if you want to keep up to speed on all the goings-on!




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10 thoughts on “Fall 2018 ORC is HERE! The Sophisticated Whimsical Home Office”

    1. Thanks Susanne! Me too, I knew there was no way I was going to take it down so it’s been the basis of the whole space!

  1. Tina I love those doors, but I am sad that it will no longer be a dining room. It was a glorious dining room but I understand the need for you a office space. Thank you for keeping that beautiful mural I would have flew out there myself in protest if it was being removed lol!!!

    1. Thanks Jen! I am repurposing our dining room table as a desk in our schoolroom and I’m stashing those ghost chairs for use if needed down the road. The mural is one of my very favorite pieces and I had to work with it so the entire space was designed with that incorporated. It makes me so glad to know you would come and kick my booty into shape if I planned to remove it though! hahaha

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