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Playing The Comparison Game……And Winning!

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Disclaimer:  totally a departure from home decor for a sec!

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately.  I call it “the comparison game” and then “falling down the rabbit hole.” What exactly am I referring too?

I’m not as skinny as her, I’m not as smart as they are, my house isn’t as cool, that mom has it together so much more than I do, I don’t have as many likes or as many followers, I wish I had her hair, etc. etc.  You get where I’m goin.  This is what I call the “rabbit hole.”  This means you start with one thing and it snowballs into so many other things.  I think it happens to all of us.  I have these really annoying cycles where I feel great about everything and just take it all in stride and then there comes a day when I have one of those thoughts (above) and it ends up blowing up into questioning my very existence. hahaha  Ok not really my existence but everything about what I was feeling so great about before.

I should include here that we make a point of taking goofy pics and I was NOT intoxicated or passing out. LOL

Then it’s followed up with me getting super annoyed at myself.  Like “what the hell biotch, you know what’s up and you are doin your thang”  I swear peeps it’s like every few months or so.

So here’s what I’m thinking.  It’s high time I talk about the fact that we bitches are awesome.  I will never be a size 6, I will never be the smartest or the prettiest or the most bomb person at the party but you know what I am freakin awesome!  (repeat after me “I am FREAKIN AWESOME!!) And holla it at yo’self at least 3 times.

Cause my friends you are.  We are all different and that’s what makes us special and amazing.  Own your strengths, fo’get your weaknesses and do your thang.  Life is short and you don’t want to be wasting valuable time on that shi-t.

How do I stop myself from comparing to everyone else?  Ok, legit question.  Here’s my answer, sometimes I don’t (or can’t…said rabbit hole) and then I slap myself and say who gives a f*$k.  Dude we were at a waterpark for 2 days and you know what?  I totally rocked a kick as* bikini friends.  I felt good in it. (Of course there are times where I’m like where’s my moomoo to friends, cause damn comparison game cycle)  My hubs loves my body, I love my body and who gives a you know what about anyone being judgemental.

My incredible hubs and myself

Own your worth.  Own your value.  Own what you bring to the world.  We can’t all be VS supermodels (sorry I wouldn’t wanna be, SO MUCH PRESSURE), or rocket scientists.  I’m ok with totally sucking at Math. (Thank god design requires very little numbers!)

I am a rockstar (again repeat after me!) and I am a badass biotch. I am not the best mom in the world nor am I Martha Fu*$in Stewart but I do what I do with the way I see things and it works for me.  Like it or don’t cause it’s what’s up. (ya’ll are supposed to repeat that too!)  Please try to refocus your thinking and save yourself from that rabbit hole or the comparison blame game.  You are SO much better and more beautiful than you give yourself credit for.

I have people making judgements, I have people givin me the side eye and questioning so much about me.  You know what I totes walk on with my head high. Why?  Because negativity ain’t in my vocab.  I have deleted some negative comments on my IG because why deal with anything less than positivity?  This world has enough negative I won’t allow it in my life.  I value honesty, respect and truth.

Our whole crew at lunch during a weekend getaway!

This may sound like a rant, and maybe it is but I feel like it’s worth repeating.  Women are under SO much pressure to be perfect in all ways.  Going to the store, dang you better look like a magazine worthy yoga pants wearing Heidi Klum (How the hell does she have 4 kids?!  Some freaky awesome genetics right there) or you’re gonna be lame.  (I totes go to the store in dirty pj’s friends cause who cares) Or how about not making competition worthy cupcakes for your kids bake sale?  (I definitely buy the grocery stores, who’s got time for that?!)  Or how about the fact that I’m a purple hair color, nose ring wearing, tatooed crazy mama (4 and counting!)!  And you know what, my kids accept every person as they see them with NO judgements.  That is something I am incredibly proud of.

You know that waterpark I mentioned?  I was the only person there with non-normal hair color…..made me easy to spot for my kids.  hahaha  See, extra benefits! In all seriousness I relish the fact that I’m not like everyone else and I tend to buck the very idea of being “normal”.  What the hell is normal anyway?

This doesn’t mean you have to be all kinds of cra cra like yours truly.  It just means let all those insecurities and negative thoughts go, it ain’t worth it.  You are worth so much more.

We’re a goofy fun loving fam!

Much love and own it feelings friends, those are my wishes for you!

Ever had any experiences with any of this?  How about the dreaded “rabbit hole” or “comparison game”?  I always love to hear from ya so hit me up in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “Playing The Comparison Game……And Winning!”

  1. Yes x 1,000,000!! We all have our own unique gifts, quirks and short comings, that’s why we need each other. Who sets these unreasonable standards?? We can choose to reject them. Life is so much fun when we embrace every part of ourselves and own it. If I saw you in real life I’d want us to be friends because you’re obviously enjoying this one crazy life we’ve been given! I’m an Image Consultant who’s job is helping women dress authentically and with joy yet sometimes I go to the grocery store in baggy shorts and my shirt with crusty baby food on it, no makeup, etc. I see people I know and they love seeing me look normal. That’s why I’m dreaming of that barefoot group meeting in a space like yours…to give women a chance to just BE, and become more wholly themselves. Preach on my sister!!

    1. Thanks Tabitha! Yeah girl, reject those ridiculous unreasonable standards and I hope you have that barefoot group meeting very soon! xxxooo

  2. I totally love this!! Yes, comparing yourself to others, will always come to a horrible place! Thanks for sharing, I’ve been so sad, over the “IG sickness” turning sane women into debt ridden, shopping nutcases…i can only imagine what havoc it’s reeking in their marriages, and kids lives!😑😔

    1. Yes and it’s not just IG land. It’s every aspect of our lives from how we look to what we wear to how we parent. I hate the unreasonable expectations we feel, we deserve so much better.

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