13 thoughts on “Don’t Feel Like You Fit in With the Crowd? Design Edition”

  1. I LOVE your design style… it speaks to me. I notice I stand out as well with my home decor and don’t do the traditional or current trend. I mix a lot too, some people tell you not to, why not?! 😉 Keep doing your awesome work. I love your updates.

    1. Thank you SO very much for this Aleksandra!! I don’t have anyone telling me not to mix, just that I don’t fit into any specific category. That makes it tough to build something you know? Keep rockin it girl!

  2. Your words are just what I needed to hear, thank you. I’m going to read it over & over! 😁
    I do artwork alongside my sister who has set up an online shop. I never have been someone to fit in which is fine but with IG, it’s all new to me & I have wondered why I bother. But you’re right with all that you say so I will continue to bother and care, I will be patient and still be me. Thank you.

    1. IG is a fickle beast. It can be amazing and it can be a total confidence killer. If you can push past it and focus on the good and why you are doing what you do, you’ll see the benefits and positivity. For me the biggest plus from Instagram has been the people. The comments the connections and new friends make it worthwhile. All the best with your artwork and shop and don’t give up! XXOOO

  3. This post hit home with me. I found you because I want to go a different direction than the all white farmhouse that I see every where. I love that style, but I know it’s not me. I love your style. This post hit home though, because I’ve been struggling with my IG. I love IG, but I really want to grow and eventually monetize, but I’m growing at a snails pase. Wondering what I’m doing wrong??? Thanks for the little push to keep doing me!

    1. Hi Amy! You aren’t doing anything wrong, IG is rough especially with the algorithm all over the place. I hear from huge accounts on down that it’s gotten harder and harder. Just keep going and try not to let it get you down. All the best to you!! xxx

  4. Here, here! I love your style, I love the way you are free to be and do what you like, and love that you aren’t afraid of failing. You go for it and it’s always amazing! You are amazing! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

  5. Hi! I’m a long-time lurker/blog reader in the interior design world since 2007… I have watched the trends come and go; YES, it is harder to “fit in” with the trends these days (and is it just me, or is the “new farmhouse” never going away??) However, YOU are memorable! In a sea of same-same-same, YOU stand out! It’s getting harder and harder to seek folks that are using actual color and a variety of styles in their homes. It saddens me, truly. Back in 2007 it was all orange accent walls, mid-century modern, brown, IKEA stuff, but people were genuine and their homes didn’t need $10k countertops.

    I admire you for staying true to yourself, your roots, etc. I mean, SERIOUSLY, half the homes I come across are boring, shallow monuments to the current design trend. I struggle in my own home because I’m 40% Artsy Modern Minimal, 40% Maximalist Southern Freakshow, 20% Old World Traditional. So I’m constantly taking in ideas and inspiration so I can express myself, too!

    Keep on keepin’ on, don’t compare yourself, you’re like a unicorn in a field of brown horses, girlie! (I do, however, completely support the Unicorn-everything trend, haha!)

    1. Aww Christina! Thank you SO much for this comment. You are right, I don’t think the “new farmhouse” is going anywhere anytime soon. And I also 100% agree that there aren’t enough of us bucking that trend, but your style sounds pretty fantastic I especially love the freakshow part haha! And I also have to say I completely agree that originality is sorely lacking in design. It should be all about expressing yourself, your personality, the way you see the world and not what Pinterest or a magazine tells you it should look like. Alas, that’s the way it is but I damn well will continue being a unicorn and you will be right there with me amongst those brown horses! lol Much love to you babe! xxxx

  6. I have love love loved your Instagram presence for months now and just very recently found your blog! This current post is fabulous – for a young woman/wife/mother to be so brilliantly confident and individual is so fresh and so unique! Bottle this up and sell it to women, young and old, everywhere!!!!!
    Love your home and your decor and your style!
    Happy 2019! Create on!

    1. Aww Dianne!! This means so much to hear, thank you SO very much woman! I intend to continue sharing and if you can help me figure out the bottling part, empowering women on a massive scale would be a dream come true. All the best to you sweets and Happy New Year!!

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