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What is Boho? + 3 Easy Ways to Add Boho To Your Home!

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I’m sure you’ve noticed a big trend in home decor gravitating to something called boho or bohemian recently.  I have had a few people ask me, what is boho?  I’m going to answer that in this post along with some small ways you can bring some boho into your home if you’re into the look!

Bohemian is defined by as

“The definition of a bohemian is an artistic or literary person who lives in an unconventional or nonconforming way.”
Being boho or bohemian refers to people willing to live in their own truths and, in running parallel with the definition above, don’t conform to tradition or rules.  For our decor chat I LOVE this term and think it applies to so many.  Why?  Because I am a firm believe that there are no rules.  (I believe that in life too but that’s a whole other post! ; ))
I cringe when I see articles and posts on “rules to follow to decorate your xxxx”  Home decor is so very much a personal style.  We all have our own likes and dislikes and what we want to have around us in our personal spaces.  And sure there are some GUIDELINES that can be helpful and applicable to just about any space.  But that doesn’t mean that there are any are hard and fast rules, not in my house!
what is boho, boho home decor, how to use boho decor, home decor, interior design, bohemian decor
The greenery wall I did in our schoolroom/office!  (see the full space here)
I was recently asked what my style is.  I answered with “colorfully eclectic boho chic”  Where did I get that and how does it apply?  Obvs I am a color obsessive so that’s pretty easy but eclectic (here I talk about what eclectic is) refers to a mix of things.  Ok makes sense but what about the boho chic?
I like things organized and symmetrical (chic) BUT I don’t follow the rules and I like to use anything that appeals to me, whether from thrift and salvage stores to higher end stores (Anthropologie) to anything in between.  There is no hard and fast rule in my house which appeals to the bohemian side of me.  I often find myself bucking the common in everything.  I don’t want to be like everyone else because I’m not everyone else…I’m me and that’s something I’m proud of!  (and you should be proud of you too!)  Hence our home reflects us.
So now that I’ve talked a bit about what boho means how about some ways to incorporate a bit of boho into your home.  Here are 3 easy ways…..
1. Macrame is huge right now and rightfully so!  It’s texture is interesting and the patterns are beautiful!  They make an interesting wall hanging that doubles as art, I don’t think it gets any better.  You can purchase handmade one of a kind pieces from places like Etsy for very little money or check out your local thrifts!  I know several people that have found gorgeous pieces for nadda at the thrift stores.  There are so many styles of macrame too from delicate and simple to ornate to colorful. You can also buy macrame plant hangers or pillows with the fab knotting on them.  It’s all about the texture!!
I’ve got a colorful woven macrame hanging up on that wall!
2. Reclaimed or repurposed is a big one in the boho world, focusing on the interesting rather than just the beautiful, although to us boho lovers the interesting is beautiful!  A couple of examples from me would be using the barn doors for the pantry, which are reclaimed closet doors, or the bar countertop which is reclaimed boxcar boards! (see how those barn doors happened here!)
 what is boho, boho home decor, how to use boho decor, home decor, interior design, bohemian decor
The reclaimed boxcar countertop, cast iron railing spindles I turned into countertop supports and repurposed barn doors!
3. Go bold!  Preferably with color or some kind of pattern.  Boho lovers take risks and try new things.  Don’t be afraid to go for that dark accent wall, wallpaper (here are some great removable papers!) or hot pink pillow!
what is boho, boho home decor, how to use boho decor, home decor, interior design, bohemian decor
My hot pink rug, camel saddle blanket and reclaimed door trim in the entry and the mural in the dining room.
That’ll get you started in the boho direction.  Bohemian or boho is all about loving life, being unconventional and letting your creativity shine.  Give it a try you might love the result!!  You might even find yourself decorating your home with just things you really love and worrying less about what goes together.  The finished product could be magical!
What do you consider your style to be?  Traditional, minimalist, eclectic, neutral, boho, modern?  I always love to hear from ya!
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