DIY Projects One Room Challenge (ORC)

ORC Week 2: Mint Walls & Antique Doors!!

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I left you last week with my before’s of the not so happy friends space and deets on what this room needs to do for us here.  The first step in this big ole makeover is to clear out and paint!  We actually sold all of the furniture in here (minus the vintage workbench) on Craigslist so it left me with a nice blank slate.

What color did I choose?  Here’s a shot of the moodboard…

home decor, interior design, school room, classroom, office, one room challenge, greenery wall, antique doors, pink rug, green velvet sofa

Which I stared at FOREVA to figure out the best color to compliment the emerald green, the grassy green and the fuschia rug.  The obvs and easiest choice would have been a white or neutral.  But let’s be real here folks, when do I ever do the obvious thing?  And when do I ever do white?  I just couldn’t.  White is fantastic, but I think I’m traumatized by too many white walls as a renter for 7 years.

Anyway, I got loads of color samples in everything from aubergine to every shade of coral to charcoal to finally mints.  Aubergine was my next fave but with only one window in the room I felt it would have been too dark, especially given our use as a classroom and imagination abounds in here. So mint it was and I finally decided on….

pondscape by behr, mint

Pondscape by Behr!

The perfect shade, with enough green to pair nicely with the grassy green and emerald green while allowing the rug and sofa to shine.  A hint of blue made it not so minty that the whole room was just green. With that we bought our paint and began the fun, although VERY messy process of transforming the room!

pondscape by behr, home decor, interior design, painting, office

Everybody wanted in on the fun!

paint, pondscape, behr, home decor, interior design

Our 8 year old was the trim painter and took his job VERY seriously.

home decor, interior design, mint, pondscape, behr

The crew

painting, mint

And our littlest, almost 5 year old had to grab a brush and paint although every other minute “mommy, I need more paint”

And the room is painted! (And left us with 2 hours of scrubbing the floor from drippys and splatters, but hey makin memories up in here!)  I had to touch up along the ceiling as the previous owners had painted this room a dark forest green and some of it was on the ceiling.  So to get a clean line I climbed up on the roller step ladder scaffolding thingy and used an art brush to paint a clean line around the entire perimeter. I’m still recovering.

Next up was putting together the antique doors and building them a frame! Here are the doors and the “frame” they were sold with.

antique doors, interior design, home decor, trim, 19th century french

I bought these sight unseen and based on only a pic from online. They said they came with a frame and hardware so it was perfect.  Except when we got them home it wasn’t a frame it was the decorative trim.

This is how we solved that dilemma.

diy door frame, antique doors, home decor, design, one room challenge

We bought 3 2×4’s and screwed them directly to the back of the trim lining up tight with the hinges.  Essentially this replicated the frame that the trim/doors was originally attached to.

diy door frame, antique doors, home decor, one room challenge

You can see the 2×4 lined up tight with the hinges, we screwed the hinges to the 2×4 with the hinge fitted through the trim.

home decor, diy door frame, antique doors, one room challenge

And voila you have a sturdy (albeit somewhat wonky) frame, it was not solid as there was no base cross piece.

Now we’re ready to attach the frame to the wall!!

diy door frame, antique doors, home decor, interior design, pondscape, behr

First up was bringing the frame in and measuring to position it center in the room. Then we used a level on both sides to make sure the sides were perfectly straight. (never mind one of our dog’s big ole booty!) Once this was done we used a pencil and marked 2 places on both sides and the top where we were going to place the L brackets to attach the frame to the wall. (We are so technical, it’s scary)

diy door frame, attach to wall, pondscape, behr, home decor, interior design

Here are the L brackets being attached to the wall on the pencil marks.  We seriously lucked out as all the brackets lined up perfectly with studs.  Whaaaa!!!!!  I know!!! I need to buy a lottery ticket!

home decor, design, diy door frame, attach to wall

Then we lined up the frame back on the brackets (double checked with the level on both sides) and screwed the brackets to the 2×4’s.  And you have a solid frame that ain’t goin anywhere!

diy door frame, home decor, interior design, antique doors, one room challenge

Next week is attaching the doors and installing the greenery wall.  You guys are NOT going to want to miss that, it’s indescribable!

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Love & Hugs & Doggie Butts

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26 thoughts on “ORC Week 2: Mint Walls & Antique Doors!!”

  1. Tina,
    You crack me up! I love your blog and the fun you have doing these projects. The mint color is awesome. Looking forward to more and more. Oh and –BTW— it’s ok if you gimme that rug. 🙂
    Susie from The Chelsea Project

    1. Thanks Susie, we do have fun! Especially when you have all these kids running around 24/7 a sense of humor is a requirement. lol I’m SO happy with the way the mint turned out, I seriously lost sleep over it! I may just send you one of these fuschia fab rugs!! ; )

    1. Thank you!! I am SO happy with the mint, it wasn’t too green and it wasn’t too blue. Perfect soft and natural color. And the greenery wall surpassed my expectations so I am literally DYING to share it with you!! How it looks and how we did it!! Thanks again Jill!

    1. Thank you!! It’s so much fun to let them do their thing (despite the epic clean up of all the dripping later lol) especially since they really wanted to help. The doors go on and the greenery wall installation is next week and I can’t wait to share it all! Thanks for stopping by Sherry!

    1. Yes! Thank you Tee! They all SO wanted to help and I just absorbed the mess I knew was inevitable for the fun of having them participate. Although after about 45 minutes they were bored and ready to move on. hahaha

    1. Aww thank you girl! The mint nearly gave me a coronary as it took me SO long to make up my mind. lol But I am in love with how it’s all coming together!

    1. Thanks Emy!! I highly recommend it, it’s such a light refreshing color without being too bold. And I can’t wait to share the doors hung on the frame and the grenery wall!

    1. It’s all coming together in such a fun and exciting way! Man, I am SO glad I decided to go for the mint after weeks of debating back and forth! Thanks for stopping by sweets!

  2. The mint is perfection!!! Perfect for the space. I love the doors and look forward to the plant wall. Love seeing your littles get in on the action. Makes me wish my kids still lived at home as I would be taking advantage of some child labor myself!! 😉

    1. Haha, yes gotta love the “helpers” although they make more work in the end. lol Wouldn’t trade the memories though! Thanks for stopping by Libbie! And I’m literally twitching over here with excitement to share the greenery wall!! eeekkk!! xoxoxo

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