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Master Bedroom Update Oooooo Seeexxxyy!

I started here with you all…at the beginning of this blog I did a series of posts on the master bedroom makeover.  There was the painted plywood floor and then there was the metallic wall treatment finishing up with the final reveal.  There are a few new changes, nothing super maj but enough that I thought I would share with ya!

I’ll take you on a mini tour through the room from the door…

master bedroom, home decor, interior design sofa forest canopy bed

Here’s what you see when you step into the door!

master bedroom, home decor, interior design sofa forest canopy bed world market bench

Starting on the left of the room, there is a carved bench that I picked up from World Market that sits in front of the fireplace over a sheepskin rug from Overstock.  We sit here and put on shoes or most of the time it acts as a catch-all of randomness. But it’s the purdiest catch all ever!

master bedroom, home decor, interior design branch console brass flowers

In the corner is a super cool branch console I found at Home Goods and use it as a tv stand.  Around it are brass colored metal flowers from a local shop in Denver, they were originally to be outside on a trellis but the darned wisteria grew like wildfire and here they are!  I actually love them in here, they give a dimensional texture to the wall and since tv’s are fugly it’s a nice distraction.

master bedroom, home decor, interior design sofa trunk

This sofa has been livin here under the window in the sunshine with a few minor tweaks like different pillows, an antique print block and a large geode.  I regularly put fresh flowers on this coffee table too!  I hide from the kids here when I can get a spare minute with a cup of coffee or glass of wine. (shh our secret)

master bedroom, home decor, interior design vanity venetian mirror

Here’s my vanity corner, rather dull at the moment.  I want to get some fun and poppin accessories to put here.  Right now it’s just all my beauty horde, a pic one of my kids made me and some photos of my daughter and I.

master bedroom, home decor, interior design dresser painting trunk flowers

This is quite a bit different than the last time I shared it.  I brought up a dresser I had downstairs along with some accessory items I had laying around the house.  It really opens up the walking space from this side of the bed and the door and adds so much character with the variety of things I used here.  From vintage books and an old wooden trunk to hand turned wooden candle holders and a handmade burlap basket to mirrored pieces and flowers. The painting and brass geode pieces on the wall are the same.

master bedroom, home decor, interior design cowhide bench forest canopy bed modern masters metallic effects

The bench is newer, it’s cowhide with steel legs which is very rustic meets mod.  I like the contrast it gives with the white bed frame and softer bedding colors.  All the bedding is newer too.  The gray is the rivulets quilt from Anthropologie, the blush pink velvet duvet is from West Elm and the throw pillows are from Marshalls, Home Goods and West Elm. In the corner next to the bed is a deconstructed chair from Restoration Hardware Outlet I already had in another part of the house but love here.

master bedroom, home decor, interior design brass chandelier blush pink west elm modern masters metallic effects forest canopy bed

A better shot of my plethora of throw pillows and bedding colors, pillows are a smidged messed up but that’s what happens when you turn your back for a half a sec and one of your kids jumps on the bed “hey mom!” Argh

master bedroom, home decor, interior design sofa forest canopy bed brass chandelier cowhide bench anthropologie rivulets quilt blush pink modern masters metallic effects

One more to show you the colors. One of the things I love about the blush pink bedding is how different the color looks in different lighting.  If it’s brighter the pink is much softer, due to the sheen, darker means it’s a more saturated pink.

master bedroom, home decor, interior design sofa forest canopy bed dresser chandelier rivulets anthropologie blush pink modern masters metallic effects

The other side of the room opposite the sofa.  The door out is to the right of this shot.  And the tour is complete!  It’s amazing what a difference a few small things like moving some furniture around and new bedding can make.  I’m loving the small but impactful changes and have plans to make an even bigger impact with a ceiling treatment project.  I hope to get on that sooner than later and when I do…’ll be the first to know!  If you don’t wanna miss it subscribe to this little ole blog over on the side there.  It’s quick, easy and I swear I won’t spam ya!

  What do you guys do to change up your bedroom spaces?  How often do you think about trying out a new bedding or moving the furniture around?  Me, it’s at least every couple of months and bedding I get the itch between 6-12 months.  I like rotation and variation.  I’m a creature of adventure and walkin on the wild side. New bedding is the wild side, I tell ya I am quite the thrill seeker!




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6 thoughts on “Master Bedroom Update Oooooo Seeexxxyy!”

  1. You have an amazing sense of style. I could never put home interiors together the way you do. You’ve injected so much personality and uniqueness into the room. I love it!

    1. Thank you so much Aneeq!! I’m all about your home reflecting who you are, so there’s no greater compliment!!

  2. This is so stunning! I am just floored. And jealous. I’m currently an apartment dweller so my ability to customize my space when I can’t actually change anything is well, nonexistent. This is gorgeous though and I’ll be pinning some images after commenting for my future dream home.

    1. Awww, thank you so much Steffi! Apartment dwelling does dampen the fun you can have (I spent 10 years in apartments too), have you looked at removable wallpaper? That’s one thing that’s quick and easy, it’s like a giant sticker, you can do to transform a space and take down when you leave! An idea that popped into my head until you get that fab dream home!! Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and I’m so glad you love it!

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