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Embracing the Unexpected

home decor, confidence, self confidence, self doubt, taking risks, be adventurous, believe in yourself


You know them, those moments that come up in your life and scare the be-jeepers out of you.  It could be anything from a possible move to a job change/opportunity to a new babe and so many thing in between.  Handling and getting through those moments can be equal parts terrifying and exhilarating.  (It ties into design at some point I pinky swear!)

I can think of so many of these times in my life where those feelings came up and I feel like as I’ve gotten older I’ve gotten better AND worse at dealing with it!  I know sounds super weird right?!  You would think aging would make me wiser and better apt for adventure and most of the time it has, but every now and then something comes swinging out of left field you didn’t see coming and could be absolutely amazing but leave you shakin in your boots from paralyzing self doubt.


home decor, confidence, self confidence, self doubt, taking risks, be adventurous, believe in yourself


I’ve always been a comfort zone kind of person, I try to stay within the bounds of what I know and am comfortable with.  But I’ve learned that you can miss out on so much by doing that.  Now is it easy to step out of that?  Helllllll no!  I’m a maja work in progress with this, (hence this little mental post) and every moment that comes up I approach as a ride or die deal.

I made a promise to myself a couple of years back to step out of that comfort zone and start saying YES to things that made me super uneasy, and let me tell ya, the list of those things was LONG.  But I saw my life change in incredible ways just by pushing past the fear into the what if and see how it goes perspective versus the I’m happy with the way things are no need to shake it up mentality I had been stuck in for most of my life.


home decor, confidence, self confidence, self doubt, taking risks, be adventurous, believe in yourself


One such instance was blogging.  I had thought about doing this for a very long time but was terrified no one would enjoy what I wrote or that I didn’t have anything to contribute or that I would seriously suck at it.  I literally wasted YEARS thinking this, until one day a friend had an organizing blog and wanted to add a section for home decor.  Folks, she asked ME to do it!  That was the nudge I needed to say “hell YES” instead of “hell NO”.  And I am SO glad I did.  Writing for her blog and hearing from you fine peeps was the most incredible thing and filled a void I never knew was missing.  A year of that and I had the boost I needed to branch out on my own and voila here I am.

Home decor and interior design is my passion (next to my children and hubs of course!). I simply love it.  I love the creativity and the challenge and the freedom and the opportunity to help make your lives better by giving you tips and diys and how to shopping guides and all the things I do on here.  I love meeting  and hearing from you whether it’s a comment on the blog or email or instagram connection.  My world has expanded in ways I never imagined it would.


home decor, confidence, self confidence, self doubt, taking risks, be adventurous, believe in yourself


Here’s where the home decor fits in… (I told it ya was comin!)  I know when you are afraid of making a mistake in your home whether it’s a paint color, the wrong drapes, the wrong bedding, the couch, etc. you won’t ever have the potentially fabulous home you could.  And here’s a dirty little secret…….you can’t make a mistake.  If you hate the new drapes or that paint color or bedding, return it (this is why I always stress to double check the return policy before buying) or paint it and try something else.  That is how you learn what you like and what you don’t and it sets you on a path to having the best home for you. Believe it or not I’ve made some mistakes, ahem bright (as in can’t sleep ya need shades) blue bedroom or bubble gum pink baby room (not good friends) come to the top of my mind. (Oh there are many more!) But without having made those mistakes I wouldn’t have learned and gotten better.

Had I not said “hell YES!” to that friend a couple of years ago, things could be so much different. There will be people that don’t like my style, prefer no color, don’t care for my writing pinache or any number of things.  I don’t (or at the very least try REALLY hard) measure myself by my fear/self doubt anymore. Life is about taking chances and diving in head first and taking a risk.  It’s terrifying and exciting and paralyzing and adventure filled.  Take the risk, ride the roller coaster and fight the fear.  It’s absolutely worth it.  Now excuse moi while I go and try to take my own darned advice!


home decor, confidence, self confidence, self doubt, taking risks, be adventurous, believe in yourself


Has there been a big moment or 3 in your life where you were faced with debilitating fear mixed with exhilarating potential?  And how did you deal with it?  I’d love to hear from you, your thoughts and your experiences.

Until my next installment of wisdom (or lack thereof!) have a fabulous confidence chin up day!!




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2 thoughts on “Embracing the Unexpected”

  1. Wow…this is exactly what I needed to hear! I’ve been planning to start a blog for, oh, about 3 years now with 3 major derails and a lot of in between time worrying about… EVERYTHING. But it’s something I need to do and I’m finally taking those steps forward. It’s comforting to hear someone who I see as design goals came from a similar place going into this. Your home is absolutely amazing and awe-inspiring. So, thank you for this.

    1. Oh thank you so much Jill, and thank you for the incredible comment! I am beyond excited for you that you are moving forward with your blogging dreams/goals. It’s a process but SO worth it, especially when you get the chance to hear from readers (like your FAB self!) that something I’m doing is helping or inspiring you in some way. That’s what this is all about for me. And a big “aww shucks!” (picture me blushing!) for the decor love. XXXXOOO

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