Quick Fixes and Refresher Tips

Christmas Decor Down? Looking for a Couple of Quick Decor Refresher Tips?

I took all of my Christmas decor down yesterday, I know maybe I’m a little Scroogey, but once Christmas is over leaving it up just feels like it’s prolonging the sadness of taking it all down.  I also love taking this time to rethink a few things I have around the house and freshening things up.  I am still working on some things so I’ll post an update on where it’s all at now, but I wanted to share a few quick and easy tips that I use regularly to do a quick cheap and easy update.  I am always changing out curtains, moving small pieces around and rugs.  So check out this post I wrote last spring to see some of these tips in practice!  I’ll be back soon with an updated post of our family room, along with some BIG ideas I have for the new year!!

Spring Space Refresh: Small Changes, Big Impact




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