My Eclectic Life

The Life of a Crazy Lady….

  I know many of you can relate and I just gotta get it all out.  I’m going bat shit cra cra friends.  We are homeschooling 3 of our 4 kids.  The fourth is in high school (which is a charter school with high academic standards….aka an entire year of algebra crammed into one semester).  …

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Design and Style Tips

What is Your Decor Style?

Let’s talk about style!  Decor style that is, and what exactly is mine?   I get this question a lot and thought I would take a sec to answer it for anyone interested in what I think my decor style is. First up, I don’t fit neatly into any one decor style box.  I have fragments …

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Shopping Guides and Tips

Fab Flea Market Finds!

It’s no secret I have a serious love affair with anything vintage. (more of my fab flea finds, here and here)  Flea markets make THE perfect place to hit up for these finds!  I try to go once a week or at least a couple times a month! You really never know what you are going …

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