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2018 Christmas Holiday Home Tour!

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Hey hey it’s the holidays! (See what I did there?!) How about a sick Christmas decor tour for ya? I teamed up with some of my fave fab blogger friends (links at the bottom) to share our homes with you for the holidays!  So if you haven’t fully decked your halls yet or want to do a bit of sprucing up before the big event, check out what I’ve done here and the other ladies have done to give you a bit of inspo to help with that little extra cheer factor.

I am not one to do a different theme every year.  Although this idea is fun and gorgeous and I’m always oo and aaawwwing over people’s decor that do this I am waaayyy to lazy to put it all together.  I’m more of a traditional Christmas decorator and use lots of things I’ve made over the years, kids homemade ornaments, gifted ornaments and a few fun colored ornaments.

So without further ado, here we are!

We started a tradition last year of not only selecting our one big tree but having the kids pick out a Charlie Brown tree too.  We had so much fun with it we continued it this year!

I brought out my “christmas rug,” which I’ve had for years, that was stashed in the basement.  I call it the Christmas rug as it has so much red it feels very Christmas-y and I usually only use it for a couple of months during the holidays.

Mac daddy tree on the right with nearly naked Charlie Brown tree.  It’s sparse but adorable!  And the kids have a blast decorating both.

We put our Department 56 village pieces on the back console table this year and I think it’s my favorite place we have ever had it!  We turn them on at night and there is so much glow and warmth in here.

I carried a bit of Christmas cheer into the kitchen as well as greenery everywhere!

These Department 56 village items were gifts that my mother in law has given us every year since we got married.  17 years later we have quite a little village!

I put some glittery festive pieces on the counter and you might notice my new lighting!  I didn’t love the last fixture and scored it on the cheap (clearance bin) from Home Depot last spring so I don’t feel so bad about swapping it out. These babies give so much sparkle they feel festive all on their own!

Here’s a close up of the hanging decor pieces I am using to span the length of the kitchen counter.  I put our fruit bowl in the center of them hiding the hanging ends of each piece.

Mama is currently OBSESSED with fresh greenery.  I picked up 3, 25 ft garlands at Costco for $17.99 each and put it all over.  I draped a small piece over this mirror for some extra holiday flavor.

Ba BAM! 2 of the garlands I bought I hung on these 2 arches.  I just used big flat head nails to hang them on.  And they frame my office SO beautifully.  (If you want to see more of my office space check it out here!)

The entryway just got a few additions!  A blooming Christmas cactus, some bells on the door handle and festive DIY greenery I hung over the antlers.

I always have the fire on now.  It gives so much ambiance, plus I’m becoming a big weenie and like it warm in here. haha Those stockings were made and given to us by my aunt.  She made each one as our family grew!

Ok remember I said I was OBSESSED with the fresh greenery.  Since I used 2 of the 3 garlands I bought on the arches I had an extra one.  I decided to do this and hopped up and draped it around our bed.  I am in LOVE!  It really feels like sleeping in a forest. It’ll suck when it dries out and makes a mess but I don’t care, it’s worth it.

Can we just have fresh greenery as a year round decor staple PUUHHHLLLEEEAASSEEE?!!

And that’s the last of my decorated spaces!  I have a few homemade wreaths adorning the front door and laundry door but that’s about the extent of our holiday cheer.  I like to focus on the sentimental pieces mostly.

What do you think?  Are you an epic different theme each year holiday decorator? (if so I bow down to you, you are amazing!) Or are you more like me where you take a more traditional sentimental approach?  Or do you mix the two? I always love to hear from ya so hit me up in the comments below or shoot me an email!

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And definitely make sure to hit up my babe blogger friends to see what they are up to with their holiday decor this year!

Happy Holidays!!



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14 thoughts on “2018 Christmas Holiday Home Tour!”

    1. Thank you so very much! We started that last year and had so much fun with it we decided to make it a tradition. Happy Holidays!!

  1. I love the Charlie Brown tree so much! I also love how festive everything looks. I’ve heard those Costco garlands can’t be beat. I’m going to need to check those out.

  2. Tina I love all the fresh greenery, and yes year round would be fabulous!!! (you can try waxing it with spray on floral wax it to prevent “some” shedding…. sorry that is my inner floral designer coming out with tips and tricks) I also really love your Charlie Brown tree tradition that is SO super cool and very fun for the holidays.

  3. I love that you did the two trees again this year! I think that is such a neat tradition. And GIRL!!! Those light fixtures in your kitchen…swoon! I am not a themed decorator either, I tend to go wherever my heart leads me each year. Your Christmas decor is beautiful and I sure wish we had a Costco near us so I could snatch up some of those garlands!!

    1. Thank you Susanne! I have lusted after those lights for YEARS, finally snagged them on sale at a great price woohoo Merry Christmas to me haha.

  4. I love everything. However, I have to share that I just showed my teen sone your Christmas Village on the Shaggy material and he said, My God that is pretty. A thirteen-year-old boy! I thought that was the sweetest thing in the world.

  5. Wow, Tina! Your home looks stunning, as usual! My favorite part, obviously… The moose antlers! Such a fun shot! Love the two trees and the fun pops of Christmas decor and greenery used throughout your home. Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂

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