House Tour

The Great Outdoor Living Event!!

I am beyond excited to share with you all today my updated and polished up all purdy back patio space!  And not only that BUT I am linking up with several other talented ladies to their blogs for an awesome blog hop tour so you can make the rounds and get ALL kinds of outdoor …

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Design and Style Tips

Trends….Too Follow or Not to Follow

  Just like with anything else there are trends for home decor and interior design.  Trends are like bell bottoms, they rotate around until they are “hot” again.  Some of the hot trends right now are blush pink, deep emerald greens, mixed metals and gold.  With these trends changing annually, many times seasonally are they …

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DIY Projects

10 Easy DIY Fences That Look Great!

Today we’ve got a fab guest post from the incredible Jennifer (over at She’s got some awesome ideas for fencing that are both diy and lovely to look at! A growing number of people are choosing composite fencing as an alternative to traditional materials, take a look at the examples on this website …

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